What is LogiCE?

Logi-ce.nl is the online community of the researchproject LogiCE. This project aims to accelerate the circular economy by developing and applying knowledge from logistics and circular economy, in active collaboration between companies, local authorities and scientists. This is done by:

  • Building a community where parties with logistical challenges and researchers find each other.
  • Developing knowledge agenda circular economy and logistics
  • Performing pilot projects for community parties, supported by short-term research.

Its exports are held by a consortium of parties including Wageningen University, Amsterdam University College, Wageningen Food and Biobased Research, The Green Brain Foundation, Port Company Amsterdam, SADC Management and Amsterdam Institute For Advanced Metropolitan Solutions. The Source Shakers and PureBirds are also involved.

LogiCE is supported financially by NWO.

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The logistics sector will play a crucial role in Netherlands achieving its goal of a Circular Economy by 2050. The logistics sector is an enabler that facilitates the closing of material loops and the valorisation of waste streams, ultimately reducing the  pressure on the environment from natural resources extraction and virgin material manufacture. The LogiCE project intends to accelerate this transition by bringing together practical industry experience, innovation and scientific research. LogiCE is a platform upon which businesses, with specific challenges related to the Circular Economy, can collaborate with experts, researchers  and students in finding actionable solutions. Would you like to be part of the transition? Join us by signing up!


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